GSTR Analysis

ScoreMe’s GSTR Analysis tool captures and analysis the raw data available on the GSTN server and gives you detailed, intuitive insights from a defined period on the various sale & purchase transactions to the lender. This tool not just captures the sales and purchase data of the borrower, but also the defected, returned products, routine transactions, etc. or in general the transaction trends (Business v/s In-house) giving you the complete 360 degree view of the borrower.

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  • Automated end-to-end analysis which makes it easier to understand the overall cash flow.
  • Quick turnaround, especially suited for MSMEs with complex financial data.

So, if you are a private lender, a bank, or any other financial institution, you will have a ready report with actionable insights, saving you time and easing you with your high volume decision-making processes.

You can use ScoreMe’s GSTR Analysis Tool for different purposes:

  • To screen basic parameters such as filing dates, delays, etc.
  • To generate a summary of transactions to a different set of vendors/clients.
  • To analyze the quality of dealings and be able to compare them with the ledger.

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