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ScoreMe's digital lending platform automates the entire loan process, encompassing customer onboarding, creditworthiness assessment, and automatic loan disbursement. ScoreMe's in-house digital lending platform offers flexibility to banking and NBFC clients through on-premises deployment or cloud-based access. The on-premises option ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure, optimizing efficiency. Alternatively, cloud-based access provides agility and scalability.

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a) ScoreMe's e-PLATFORM ensures responsive access for banks and customers on various devices.

b) Configured for MSME, Retail, and Agri loans, minimizing manual interventions in the customer journey.

c) Onboards NTB & ETB customers seamlessly through EKYC/VKYC, integrating with external agencies and internal systems.

d) Verifies Bank statements, PAN, UDAI, CIN, legal info, and Aadhar for comprehensive validation.

e) Enables transparent application tracking, reflecting bankers' actions at every stage.

f) Features an in-built Business Rules Engine (BRE) for efficient digital loan decision-making.

g) Offers Geo-tagging, Video KYC, and liveliness checks for customer and company authenticity.

h) API-based functions facilitate verification, data gathering, and analysis for banks and customers.

i) Provides comprehensive analysis, including Bank statements, legal info, ITR, GST, MCA report, credit info, and CERSAI Land Records.

j) Allows users to resume and track applications from any step.

k) Checks existing applications and a 90-day history across all product types.

l) Generates/downloads documents in the bank's format for user and bank use.

ScoreMe's Digital Lending Platform seamlessly integrates with lender's infrastructure to provide them with the best lending experience. The platform offers a user-friendly backend workflow, enabling easy tracking and modification of applications based on credit team analysis, ensuring a streamlined lending process.

You can use ScoreMe’s Digital Lending Platform Tool for different purposes:

1. Borrower’s onboarding

2. Assessment of Creditworthiness

3. Automatic loan disbursement

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